Sunday, January 23, 2011

Secret Secrets 2010

2010 was a really great year!
I had the honors of sharing the stage with so many awesome artist. Sometimes as a guest in someone else's project but also with my duo Secret Secrets.

Secret Secret's shared the stage with
Gerry Mak
Collin Langenous's Funk Band
Heavy Winged

Witch Hat
Whales and Cops
D. Rider of US Maple 1-30-10

Secret Secrets is also very close to finishing our full length record release with
EHSE Records.

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  1. Hello, Shana. This is Andrew from Cleveland. I met you at the gig you did at Bela Dubby in May.
    Here is a video of Tonguing, a band I am in, playing at Bela Dubby a week or so after you:
    I am also in Scarcity of Tanks, which is more rock'n'roll; here we are with Bill Orcutt sitting in:
    Have a great summer!