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October 2, 2009 14karat Cabaret

14karat Cabert


The 14Karat Cabaret Presents Performances by

Jenny Graf is a musician and artist who uses the
Tranoe, a tactile analogue synthesizer to blend vocals, guitar and
other found sounds. For over 10 years she has been performing in the
noise duo Metalux and more recently in the haunted electro-acoustical
project Harrius. Her solo performance will present a new set of songs
that reveal her vocally charged, digitally mashed up, electro-chants.

Tango Duet with violinist Melissa Hullman.

Shana Palmer is Child Bride. Born and raised near the foothills of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, Shana's music
teeters between mysterious, playful and meditative.


The cabaret starts with a short film!

Upcoming Performance For Baltimore's Los Solos


December 4, 2009

Upcoming Performance With:

C. RYDER COOLEY is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and performer. Weaving together chimeric images with found props and forgotten objects, she creates cinematic performances and installation spaces. Ryder has participated in a wide range of public works, educational projects and international shows. Awarded Best Performance Artist of the NY Capital District in 2006 & 2007, selected works have been performed and installed at locations including: White Box and Exit Art galleries in NYC, Yerba Buena, Intersection for the Arts and Theater Artaud in San Francisco, Proctors Mainstage Theater in Schenectady NY, Pan American Art Projects in Miami FL, Watermill Center in Long Island NY, Gay Pride Festival in Bulgaria and public art projects in Indonesia, El Salvador, France and the Czech Republic.

A lyrical fairytale by C. Ryder Cooley

Shana Palmer arrived in Baltimore, MD last May from Boston, MA where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Painting at the Massachusetts College Of Art. She is a multidisciplinary artist and self-taught musician. Her solo music project Childe Bride is going on its third year with releases in the US and in the UK. Her improvised music is described as mysterious tribal drone and sometimes noise folk. The consistency that exist in that the music is always narrative, taking the audience on a walk often through the world of shadows and forest at twilight. Since moving to Baltimore she has been involved in Baltimore’s High Zero Festival doing collaborations with Jenny Graff Shepard and film installation work in last years Transmodern Festival. She is currently the other half of the debut band Secret Secrets where she juxtaposes her electronic music with Mellisa Moore’s (a past Los Solo’s series performers) drumming styles. Secret Secrets is looking forward to an Ehse Records release in the future.

Review and Links Impose Magazine


Listen: Childe Bride

child bride from maryland

Not much is known about Childe Bride, the mysterious, Maryland-based, one-woman psychedelic/drone outfit. What can be gathered, however, is that her addictive cacophony of heavily sampled work isn’t the mere dissonance of mystical jingles and heavy, distorted percussion. With Native American references and imagery in her song titles and album artwork coupled with the sporadic, chanted vocals that might indicate she partakes liberally in a ceremonial peace pipe of her own, the end result is layered and nuanced.

Childe Bride, “Indian Nation”

Childe Bride, “Humanalog”

Reflections on Prism City

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Whartscape 2009, Sunday night

whartscape 2009 sunday night
[A survivor of Sham's shamanistic polaroid holocaust.]

Words by Nate Dorr
Photos by Nate Dorr and Joe Perez

The final delirious gasps of Whartscape could perhaps be catalogued by types of light: Child Bride’s lamplit deer, Nautical Almanac’s light orbs and backlit sheets, that one guy (name lost to 3am insensibility) with the blinding, heavy-duty spotlights synced to his keytar-like board of electronics, and of course, the eerie glow of burning bird. Wait, what? Yes, the Shams set deserves notice for pushing the closing night sensation of unreality to its furthest extent: chalked sigils on the floor, a dead bird burning at the center, pungent feather-smoke opening gaps in the crowd as it wafted towards them, eerie black polaroids whose subjects tried to hide from the flash (anticipating Jonathan Shams’ later claim that those photographed in that way no longer possessed souls). Basically demonology, or some kind of cult ritual. Eventually Dan Deacon confiscated the smoldering bird, for fairly obvious and reasonable reasons, certainly, and the set moved on into more expected Shams territory: pitch black dance music (sample lyric: “I want to cut your face / while I’m fucking you”) with icy beats, warped vocals, and, this time, sax skronk punctuation.

Just before that bizarre interlude: DJ Dogdick’s most precisely warped hip-hop to date. It seems unlikely that weird, detuned sirens have ever fit so sleekly into a beat. Just after: resumption of danceparty with Teengirl Fantasy, and finally, an excellent chop-pop set by Smart Growth, whose Denny Bowen (also of the Dan Deacon Ensemble and Double Dagger), along with Greg Fox (Teeth Mountain, Liturgy, Dan Deacon Ensemble, GDFX) probably deserves some kind of medal for tireless multiple appearances.
Child Bride
whartscape 2009 sunday night

Sounds At Myspace

Past Shows And Links

Past Childe Bride Shows:

Child Bride

January 15, 2007 Rotture, Portland OR

February 10, 2007 Nom D' Artiste, Boston, MA W/Sightings, Demon, Rocca Corracus

February 17, 2007 Miami, FL International Noise Conference

February 20, 2007 AC Temple House Birmingham, AL THUGGIE CLOWNEE #2 w/ Noise Nomads Lazy Magnet Kissy Kissalot

March 9, 2007 PA's Lounge Boston, MA W/ White Mice, Gondoliers, Four Horse


May 11, 2007 Nom D Artiste, Boston, MA W/Ganja, Kites, Heathen Shame

May 16, 2007 Gallery Inzane, Providence, RI Hard Line Elephants, Chris Cooper, Bill Nace,Superior Human Vomit, Diary of Lisa Frank

July 10, 2007 The Bank, Baltimore, MD W/ Tunnels, Acre and Mongol Wives

July 11, 2007 Bobos Philadelphia, PA W/ Rapid Ice, Wise Blood

July 13, 2007 Cake Shop, Brooklyn,NY W/ Night Wounds,Blues Control/Mouthus collaboration, Fogeaters, Home Blitz

August 9, 2007 Rotture, Portland, OR W/Social Junk

February 9, 2008 Bobo's, Philadelphia, PA W/ Art works by Lindsay Beebe Music by: Bobo Rapid Ice Drums Like Machine Guns Private Time and DJ Miles

February 11, 2008 Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC W/Twink Bully, Boy Zone,Hugs + Kisses, Rage Against the Cage

February 16, 2008 International NOise Conference @ Churchills, Miami, FL

February 18, 2008 LE CHATEAU NOIR 550 A SOUTH RAYS ROAD STONE MOUNTAIN GA 30083 USA ZANO (atlanta) EILIYAS (atlanta) IOVAE (ohio) WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT (ohio) RADIO SHOCK (newyork) JUSTICE YELDHAM (australia) EILIYAS + ZANO (atlanta) MUGU GUYMEN (stone mountain) YELLOW CRYSTAL STAR (pdx) EAR IS THE BRAIN (tallahasee) DICK NEFF (birmingham) PONY BONES (stonemountain) ROTTENMILK (chicago) SECRET ABUSE (mem of deep jew) WET HAIR (mem of racoo-oo-oon) EVAN MILLER (fahey style guitar) NIMBY (weird slime dub zone) PENSIL (atlanta electronics) DAN HOLE POND (athens) TEMPLE OF BON MATIN (all points) PROJEXORCISM (northcakalaki) THEHOLYEXPERIMENT (newyork) CHILD BRIDE (boston and paris)

March 11, 2008 Child Bride and The Haunted Rope doing live sound for the films of Saul Lavine

April 18, 2008
RECORD HOSPITAL FEST 2008! Cambride, MA W/Heathen Shame, Libyans,Sun Shine Sanitarium( Childe Bride plus The Fabulous Angela Sawyer, Brain Killer, The Skaters, Social Circkle, Dolphins into the Future, Ultra Dolphins, The Conversions, Elder, Abraham Lincon Brigade, Scapegoat, Dreamhouse, Greyskull Link: Bill T Miller Photos

April 24, 2008 International Noise Conference Tour, Cambridge MA.
The True Debut of Sunshine Sanitarium W/ Angela Sawyer, Of Wierdo Records. The only Sunshine Sanitarium Sounds can be found on The Ladyz In Noyz Compilation.

June 7, 2009 Secret Project Robot Brooklyn, NY

W/Dream House

August 8, 2008 NYC, Rock Carving Oraclestra W/ Jenny Graf Shepard @ D Amelio Terras.

September 20, 2008 High Zero, Baltimore, MD

An afternoon of compositions for actions and sound, performers and audience.
By Jenny Graf Sheppard

1. A Performance of Experimental Archeology by the Stone Carving Oraclestra

Audience members are invited to consult the Stone Carving Oraclestra for individualized stone carved readings and channeled phonemes.

Performed as an act of experimental archeology, the Stone Carving Oraclestra will channel sounds through contact with specially selected boulders, and, at the same time, carve the sounds directly into stone. Audience members may choose to have a personalized “reading” by the Oraclestra. This piece demonstrates a spontaneous burgeoning of sound with human action onto geological matter.

The Stone Carving Oraclestra:
Jenny Graf
Miranda Bushey
Shana Palmer
Katherine Porter
Serena Williams

February 21, 2009 Transmodern Arts Festival Fundraiser @ The 5th Dimension, Baltimore, MD W/With Connor Kizer's Psychopompoi, the Degenerettes, Dan Breen's Burlesque Flea Circus, DJ Balagan, and DJ Santina.

March 13, 2009 Bard College, NY W/Lazy Magnet and Carson Garhart of Sejano.

March 14, 2009 Paris London West Nile.

March 20, 2009 Zodiac W/ Dan Higgs, Uke of Spaces and Carson Garhart.

April 2nd - 5th, 2009, H&H Building, Baltimore 6th Annual Transmodern Festival-Live.Art.Action.

April 9, 2009 Philadelphia Institute For Advance Study W/ Yellow Crystal Star, Amir Coyle, Boy Zone , Suicide Magnets

April 12, 2009

April 14, 2009 The Elevens, Northampton, MA W/ Yellow Crystal Star, Boy Zone and Amir Coyle A review at Friendship Braclet.

April 17, 2009 Robinwood Concert House, Toledo, OH W/ Mr. YCSTAR

April 18, 2009 The Mopery, Chicago, IL W/Skoal Kodiak, Yellow Crystal Star,Daniel Francis Doyle, Danger Boy.

April 21, 2009 Art of This in Minneapolis, Minnesota -Improvised Music Series w/ Yellow Crystal Star, Panoramic Handcrank Painting Machine

April 25, 2009 Sorority House, Portland, OR W/Chen Santa Maria, Dan Friel, Tunnels.

July 12, 2009

July 17, 2009 08:00 PM Exotic Hypnotic @ Artscape Baltimore, MD

Description: Performance with Mellisa Moore of Whispers for Wolves. 12PM Paul Neidhardt + Jorge Martins Careful and crafty experimental percussion and wild wave. 1PM Child Bride w/ Melissa Moore Frantic drums with exorcised electronics. 2PM Lafayette Gilchrist Baltimore’s premier jazz composer plays solo piano. 3PM Calusari (Ami Dang) Indian classical music meets contemporary electronics. 4PM Weekends Furious architectural drum and guitar duo. 5PM Il Culo Baltimore’s hottest, tightest funk unit playing harmelodic music. 6PM Polygons Mind-bending electronic dance music from the Hexagon space. 7PM Larksong Vocal Ensemble Acapella classical music from the 16th to 20th centuries. High Zero Foundation

August 14, 2009 Voice OF The Valley Festival Pentress, WV W /Northampton Wools Laundry Room Squelchers Emeralds Aaron Dilloway Carlos Giffoni Lambsbread Jason Zeh Leslie Keffer Wether Sword Heaven Ryan Jewel Tusco Terror Steve Kenney Stink Synth Telecult Powers Bee Mask Skin Graft White Mice Social Junk Infinty Window God Willing Unicorn hardon Tori Anus Lazy Magnet Superior Human Vomit Tiawan Death Ladyland in Flames Paid in Puke Puffy Areolas Twilight Memories of the Three Suns Child Bride Yellow Crystal Star Teeth Mountain Sewn Leather Narwahlz Fluxmonkey Fragments Terra Nova Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan Sam Goldberg Tiger Hatchery Jeff Host Moth Cock Earth Crown Kristmas Thursday Club Sky Limousine Face Worker Biff Boff Barf Outer Space Dwarf Whore Bon Tusciani

Lost At E Minor

April 10, 2009 | New Music | by Gerry Mak |

One-woman noise act Child Bride makes droning, ambient, sample-laden, tribal noise that sounds like a pagan cyber-witch mourning the death of her shaman.

Foxy Digitalis: reviews

Child Bride "Bell Witch"

Baltimore doesn’t ever really trip this hard. It’s a fun city, with lots to do, but one would be hard pressed to refer to it as psychedelic. Child Bride might be the first to dispute that and I fully support it. Trippy layers upon trippier layers, with mumbled vocals and radio static. “Hexagram 64” also starts in the static and then, well, never really left there, but less trippy. “Access of the Beast” tends to get downright ugly, showcasing some gnarly oscillators and delayed vocals ala Tom Smith of To Live & Shave in LA. It’s the kind of song you warn your roommates about before you start recording. “The Fate of Oedipus” is probably a recording of Joe Meek’s dreams when they were really morbid. Finishing out the disc, “Acid Sin” is the subtlest of the bunch. Overlapped acoustics, straightforward singing, but it’s practically gothic in its delivery, dark as hell. The natural reverb could very well have been due to the walls of a mental institution, but then there’s the creepy reverb too. Top notch weirdness. 9/10 -- Andrew Murdock Livingston (20 August, 2009)

Child Bride "Reflections on Prism City"

Child Bride?s post-Halloween catchall spook-out droning pieces seem more at home in the chthonic places than on the slopes of ecstasy-reaching Olympus. The vault vibe of sampleadelic dark is thick here, there?s little of the light offered in the album?s title perceptible here. Even so, this disc has an unsteady start, enough to almost sink the dedication of a casual listener. The opening ?Falcon Drops a Bomb? pulling just one too many generic sounds into its mix - Native American samples have been so ODed on that they?re now best left to the new agers or field recordings. This slight aside, overall the album is a major success, "Reflections on Prism City?s" wonky three-track charm winning out.

There?s a telling sliver of NWW infects the October skin temperature pop on ?Posh?s Shadow Self?, a glimpse of deeper wells to explore for Child Bride?s future releases. Child Bride inhabits a decrepit ballroom of dissatisfaction synth waltzes of dissatisfaction - no-fi colour-drained pop poking its head out of drone?s tenements. There?s sitar toned burgundy soaked shroud blues with a death?s door Kristin Hersh sound alike on vocal - an indication that Child Bride are already reaching beyond possibly imposed expectations. 8/10 -- Scott McKeating (17 September, 2008)

Review of Strange In A Stranger Land

... creepy, almost ruth white-ian transmissions from this baltimore by-way-of boston artist, with ties to the whole dreamhousething” ...

heavy psych press release...


hp33: child bride 'strange in a stranger land' c36 edition of 50

baltimore jammer brings you on a journey to the unknown. echoed out
sci-fi tribal minimalism
. lost vocals, mesmerizing bell and keyboard presence.
wander into the twilight zone. relax in the trance.
heavy psych (usa) #hp33 cs

child bridestrange in a stranger land” c36 cassette

  • olympus mons

  • valles marineris

Sounds Of Strange In A Stranger Land Cassette

Strange In A Stranger Land, Heavy Psych c36 cassette 2009